andrew cowan : my family

I met a girl on a cruise to Mexico during my senior year in high school, I wanted to spend more time with her so I applied to college in North Carolina, somewhat close by to where she lived with her parents. She dumped me before the end of my senior year, but it was already too late, I was heading to the south for college!

This worked out well because I met my future wife within 2 weeks of arriving at school. She wanted little to do with me at first, but one can only take so much 'please! please, I'm a good guy' kind of grovelling before one gives in. Exactly 10 years after I wore her down and she agreed to give me a chance we got married, it was a Tuesday. We have been together over 2 decades now and we have two wonderful children, Abigail and Zachary. The pictures here present a glimpse of our life together (clickable thumbnails).