andrew cowan : work

During the summer of 1994 I was offered the opportunity to join a new media web design firm that was just getting off the ground. The previous year I had become involved in co-administrating Valhalla Mud with Brian Clark and through that interaction I was guided to learning what goes on behind the scenes of a website, particularly with CGI programming (CGI means Common Gateway Interface, which at the time was the only way to explore interactivity in a webpage). I was invited to join Brian and Tammy Kearns in The Radiation Group which shortly after led to the founding of GlobalMedia Design Inc. (or GMD for short).

GMD is based in Winter Park, FL and I get to telecommute from my home in NC. Although my title says Chief Technology Officer, I am primarily an applications developer and handle some systems and network administration (my real love is coding).

I am among the few people I know who really enjoy their work and GMD is always throwing something my way that challenges me to learn and keep up with the evolution of the internet and world-wide web.

Please browse our collection of projects that we have worked on since 1994: